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Parents' Weekend

Parents' Weekend is a spring semester, chapter-sponsored event bringing together relatives of undergraduate brothers from across the country. Usually coordinated by the Recorder (Secretary), Parents' Weekend is meant to provide an opportunity for brothers to share their fraternity experience with their families, and to teach them about the principles of Sigma Nu, the history of our Chapter, and the bond of our brotherhood. Similar to the Parents' Weekend offered by Penn State in the fall, social activities like a cook-out, bag toss, and horseshoes are available to keep brothers and their families together, active, and social. House tours are a must, as we strive to prove to our mothers and fathers that we have indeed learned how to push a broom and take care of ourselves. Depending on turnout, a friendly collective dinner usually closes the event.

Parents' Weekend will take place some time in April. Please check back for the exact date! If you have any questions concerning planning, please contact our Recorder listed on the Officers page.