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LEAD is Sigma Nu's award-winning ethical leadership development program. In alignment with Sigma Nu's continuing mission "To develop ethical leaders inspired by the values of Love, Honor, and Truth,” we offer the LEAD Program as a tool to assist our membership in both gaining knowledge and developing the skills and abilities needed to be an effective and ethical leader for life.  The LEAD Program has been especially designed to ensure participants "learn by doing."

The acronym itself stands for Leadership Ethics Achievement Development, all of which have a special meaning which correspond to the program.

Leadership means having a vision, a sense of direction. It also means being able to focus that direction on effective ways to get you there. It includes helping others to have influence, power and initiative to support making the journey successful.

Ethics for us means putting Love, Honor and Truth into practice in every aspect of our life.

Achievement includes setting high standards of excellence for one’s own performance, being strongly motivated through personal goals and seeking feedback to correct the course of our endeavors.

Development has the special meaning of commitment to continuing improvement for self, others, chapter and the General Fraternity. We may not always be perfect, but we should strive to reach our fullest potential by seeking excellence.

The Delta Delta Chapter of Sigma Nu is proud to develop ethical leaders through the use of this award-winning program.